Extraction   lenguage






The innovative techniques of extraction that foresee the use of machineries to thread numerical control allow a notable speed of extraction with elevated safety levels.



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Currently CAVA MARMO PARADISO by it results to be the only present to world level for quality and typology of material.








Mechanical characteristics of the material


 2,83 T/MC


 0,15 (% )

 Coefficient of inhibition

 0,2 (% di peso )

 Apparent porosity

 1 (% di volume)

 Compressive strength of the dry rock

 1400 Kg/Cmq

 Resistance to profession

 1350 Kg/Cmq

 Shear strength

 90 Kg/Cmq

 resistance to impact

 98 Kg/Cmq

 Wear sliding friction

 23 Cmq